11/ 2017 – Present: WIND Hellas S.A., Athens, Greece

Position: Product Manager

As a holder of this position I work at the Mobile Postpaid Segment of Wind Hellas Telecommunications S.A.


11/ 2015 – 11/2017: COSMOTE S.A., Athens, Greece

Position: Global Partnerships Coordinator 

As a holder of this position, I am responsible for:

• Project management and coordination of all the necessary units of the company to implement, launch, support and monitor the products and services of my area of ​​responsibility throughout their lifetime and throughout the customer journey.

• The formulation of the commercial implementation specifications for the entire customer journey (from customer briefing to purchase and support) and the go to market of products and services in my area of ​​responsibility.

• The preparation of proposals for new partnerships with third parties or the internal development of products and services in order to optimize the exploitation of opportunities created by new technologies, means of communication or sales channels.

• Assessing new and existing proposals with a business model that links the characteristics of each proposal to the operational objectives, the feasibility of achieving them over a given time horizon and the go-to-market requirements.

• Market monitoring and analysis of collaborations, products and services that are potential opportunities for an operator.

• Proposing suggestions for the development and optimization of the collaborations, products and services of my area of ​​responsibility.

• The design and production of periodic and ad hoc monitoring reports for the performance of the collaborations, products and services of my area of ​​responsibility, comparison of performance with the operational objectives set, conclusions, making up a plan of action and coordination of the necessary product lifecycle management to achieve the business objectives.

• Participation in the preparation of the Budget and the analysis of the periodic forecasts of the co-operations, products and services of my area of ​​responsibility.

Specialization in:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Marketing Communications
  • Online Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • International Partnerships
  • Tech Products
  • App Experience
  • Startups

11/ 2012 – 10/2015: Royal Services L.P., Dhilesi, Greece

Position: Operations Manager

  • Start Up Coordinator
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Brand Development
  • Public Relationships
  • Negotiations Specialist
  • Website creator & social media
  • HR Executive

03/2014 – 12/2014: Hellenic Army, Financial Department, Ministry of Defense, Athens

Position: Lance Corporal (Compulsory Military Service – 9 Months)

  • Responsible of checking 55,000 executives payroll
  • Advisor to the director on efficiency matters

09/ 2012 – 03/2013: Ellenika Ltd., Rome, Italy

Position: Co Founder & COO

  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Public Relationships
  • Negotiations Specialist
  • Supply Chain Management

01/ 2012 – 09/ 2012: Kapachim S.A, Inofyta, Greece

Position: Project Manager

  • Fulfilling two major projects of the company in Greece and the UAE worth €27M.
  • Participation in projects for optimizing Operations division
  • Credit control customer / suppliers
  • ERP (SAP) System Usage

10/ 2010 – 03/2011: Michail Gialouris Accounting Office, Inofyta, Greece (Internship)

Position: Assistant Accountant

  • Checking customers progress
  • Invoices submitter
  • Authorized representative in Tax Office of Thebes

09/ 2010 – 11/ 2010: Elections 2010, Municipality of Tanagra, Greece

Position: Election Campaign Manager

  • Establishing Schedule
  • Budget creator
  • Responsible finding election centers in 14 locations around the municipality
  • Creator of project management program for remote management


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