Fortune names Tim Cook the ‘World’s Greatest Leader’.

It’s not hard to fill Steve Jobs’ shoes, it’s impossible. That was something that Tim Cook knew firsthand and the results three-and-a-half years after Steve’s death show that this was a wise choice making Fortune magazine to name Tim Cook as the world’s greatest leader followed by Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank and Xi Jinping, the president of the peoples republic of China.

Cook was a soft-spoken chief operating officer in Apple and in a very little time he had to evolve into a high-profile indisputable leader. As he admits, he had to grow thicker skin to handle the intensity that comes with the position he had occupied into the company.

Cook brings a different leadership style to Apple, placing more trust in others instead of being as impulsive and manipulative as Jobs often was. The results of his managerial style lead Apple to become the most valuable company in the world.

«Apple’s stock has hit all-time highs, in Apple Pay and the Apple Watch the company has shown its continued appetite for innovation, and it is gradually becoming more open and outspoken, including on a variety of non-corporate social issues. By announcing that he is gay, Cook also has done something few would have predicted: become a global role model.» – Fortune



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