7 simple LinkedIn photo tricks that will significantly increase your chances of getting your dream job

LinkedIn is a perfect place to connect with recruiters who can help you find your dream job.

The first point of contact with the recruiter is often not your résumé, but your profile photo. So how could you be sure you are using the most suitable profile photo?

LinkedIn shared these seven simple tips to take a better selfie for your profile photo, and increase your chances of getting viewed by recruiters.

You don’t need a professional photographer for your LinkedIn page. A selfie with your smartphone will do it, as long as you follow these tips.



In fact, you’re 14 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you have a profile photo. These tricks will give you a better photo.



#1 Make sure the background is clear


#2 Natural light is always better than flash


#3 Smartphone cameras work fine


#4 Don’t look down on a camera — look up!


#5 Be professional with your outfit


#6 Follow the rule of thirds


#7 Don’t try to be funny


Here’s a quick recap. Good luck with your job search!


Also, don’t forget to share your selfie on LinkedIn!


Source: BI


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