The best reason to stick to the iPhone is its bugs.

Thousands of articles have been written around the globe, counting the reasons someone should stick to iOS or Android. Well, forget the camera and the RAM memory because the key feature is software.

This week, we learned that a nasty security vulnerability was discovered in Macs and iPhones that essentially lets someone take over your device simply by sending you a certain image in a text message or email.

Sure this is trouble for iOS users, but do you know what’s not? Apple released immediately the security update for every iOS and macOS device out there. Such a quick fix could never happen on Android.

When last year’s Stagefright vulnerability hit Android, far too many devices were unable to get the security update. Android partners like Samsung and HTC were able to push out an update for their newer devices, but most Android phones remained vulnerable for a long time. There are far too many players in the fragmented Android ecosystem — Google, hardware makers, carriers, etc. — to push out timely and consistent updates to users. It’s why most Android phones are still running software that’s one or two years out of date. That potentially puts all Android users in danger like it did last year.

It’s something to consider when deciding between Android and iPhone. There will always be security vulnerabilities, but Apple is better equipped to push out fixes to the entire iOS ecosystem at once.

Source: TechInsider


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